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Trac管理コマンド trac-admin について
trac-admin のHELPを表示すると以下のようになります。
# trac-admin help
trac-admin - The Trac Administration Console 0.11.1.ja1

Usage: trac-admin  [command [subcommand] [option ...]]

Invoking trac-admin without command starts interactive mode.
	-- Show documentation

	-- Create and initialize a new environment interactively

	-- Create and initialize a new environment from arguments

	-- Make a hot backup copy of an environment

	-- Re-synchronize trac with the repository

	-- Re-synchronize only the given 

	-- Upgrade database to current version

	-- Extract static resources from Trac and all plugins.

permission list [user]
	-- List permission rules

permission add   [action] [...]
	-- Add a new permission rule

permission remove   [action] [...]
	-- Remove permission rule

wiki list
	-- List wiki pages

wiki remove 
	-- Remove wiki page

wiki export  [file]
	-- Export wiki page to file or stdout

wiki import  [file]
	-- Import wiki page from file or stdin

wiki dump 
	-- Export all wiki pages to files named by title

wiki load 
	-- Import all wiki pages from directory

wiki upgrade
	-- Upgrade default wiki pages to current version

ticket remove 
	-- Remove ticket

ticket_type list
	-- Show possible ticket types

ticket_type add 
	-- Add a ticket type

ticket_type change  
	-- Change a ticket type

ticket_type remove 
	-- Remove a ticket type

ticket_type order  up|down
	-- Move a ticket type up or down in the list

priority list
	-- Show possible ticket priorities

priority add 
	-- Add a priority value option

priority change  
	-- Change a priority value

priority remove 
	-- Remove priority value

priority order  up|down
	-- Move a priority value up or down in the list

severity list
	-- Show possible ticket severities

severity add 
	-- Add a severity value option

severity change  
	-- Change a severity value

severity remove 
	-- Remove severity value

severity order  up|down
	-- Move a severity value up or down in the list

component list
	-- Show available components

component add  
	-- Add a new component

component rename  
	-- Rename a component

component remove 
	-- Remove/uninstall component

component chown  
	-- Change component ownership

version list
	-- Show versions

version add  [time]
	-- Add version

version rename  
	-- Rename version

version time  


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